Better Call Saul season 4 episode 3 review: Chuck’s letter; the latest cameo

Better Call Saul season 4Tonight, Better Call Saul season 4 episode 3 kicked things off watching Victor and Tyrus redefining beating a dead horse — or, just shooting at a car so many times until there was no longer anything for them to shoot.

Once they were done doing that, they then shot up Nacho and left him bleeding in the dirt — though with the ability to make one phone call. For him, this episode really became just about his survival given that he had to be carted over to the veterinarian in order to try and save his life. Nacho was going to make it thought this, but things may not be all that better for him on the other side with the drug feud still swirling all around him.

For Breaking Bad superfans, the most joyous moment of the hour likely came when Gus visited a chemistry lab only to see a familiar face there: Gale. He’s back!

While Nacho was in recovery, Jimmy McGill was going his best to execute one of his latest (and craziest) schemes: Trying to snatch a figurine that could net him some easy money. His problem was that he had a really hard time trying to find a partner willing to do the job along with him. Mike refused, but eventually we did see Jimmy manage to rope someone into the scheme, only to then get stuck there when it was clear that someone else was basically living in the office after being kicked out at home. Watching Jimmy pull off an elaborate scheme to get his guy out was certainly entertaining — yet, this was also extremely slow-paced for the vast majority of the episode.

As for Kim Wexler, tonight we saw her return to work, head to the courthouse, and actually seem excited in general about being back on the job again. Yet, after she got back from work she decided that she needed to talk with Jimmy about his brother’s will. He signed that, and then she told him about the letter that was left for him. We thought that it was going to be mean or somewhat bitter, but it was actually rather nice. Chuck decided to leave the world in a more positive way, wishing his brother the best and commending him for finding his place in the world. Yet, it was Kim in the end who got more emotional than Jimmy did.

CarterMatt Verdict

Seeing Gale was easily the highlight of what was otherwise a reasonably slow episode. While it was entertaining, at the same time there was not all that much happened until we got to Gale and the letter at the end.

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