Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 10 review: Alycia Debnam-Carey’s showcase

Alicia ClarkTonight, Fear the Walking Dead did something that we’ve always loved whenever this franchise does it: It went small, and delivered an episode that kept almost the entire story contained to just a few characters.

Over the course of this episode, we had a chance to dive into Alicia’s head like never before as she continued much of her isolation from the world in the aftermath of Madison’s death. Yet, she did eventually find a visitor, albeit a rather unwelcome one in Charlie. Alicia wasn’t going to forget what happened with Nick, but she also wasn’t going to murder her outright either. With that, much of this episode became about the two trying their best to stay alive while stuck indoors with a storm raging outside.

To go along with this, we saw over the course of this episode Alicia and Charlie do what they could in order to forge some sort of emotional understanding — flimsy as it may have been. They did spent some time talking through their demons, but in the end, the thing that really bound them together more than anything else was the need to survival … especially when it was clear that the storm was going to take them if they didn’t try to work together. At one point, zombies were a concern. At another point, it was flooding. Alicia also had to battle some of her own demons — there was no better scene, or performance from Alycia Debnam-Carey, than when she pointed the gun square into Charlie’s eyes.

Luckily, it was soon after this that the two managed to escape the cellar before they drowned to death … only to then find themselves back outside with the walkers again.

Here’s your hope

The sun still came out the next day, and with that, both Alicia and Charlie lived to fight again. Alicia didn’t so much do it to help Charlie, but the two were still alive and with that, they each had an opportunity to keep fighting for the weeks and months ahead.

Yet, the two have bonded to a certain extent now, and we definitely think that there is an interesting contrast between the Alicia and Charlie we saw at the start of the episode and then the Alicia and Charlie that we saw at the very end. As they drove away from their temporary home, Alicia told her about the beach — effectively, about an escape. It was something that she had not had an opportunity to experience in quite some time, but she used her memories in order to give Charlie one of her own.

In the closing minutes, Alicia did realize that she and Charlie, despite what they’d been through, were not out of the woods. Charlie discovered a bus toppled over, and it seems like their next order of business could be trying to help them … or at least convincing Charlie that such things are impossible. They now have to think about just themselves.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was this a story about forgiveness? We can understand that argument, but we can also say that it was a story of perseverance. These characters found something new about themselves through their journey — and, in turn, we got an outstanding performance from Debnam-Carey in the process. This is an episode that should be remembered.

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