Blue Bloods season 9: Should there be a new Big Bad?

Blue Bloods season 9

Coming up with a Big Bad for a show like Blue Bloods is no easy task. Given how procedural the series is in nature, you can’t just have the sad bad guy around every episode. That’s also realistic to the real world given that criminals, whether they be notorious thieves or serial killers, are going to ebb and flow. They will commit a crime, go into hiding, and then disappear again.

A great example of a notorious Blue Bloods adversary is Thomas Wilder, though there are others we have seen on the series over the years. Some of them have been a little more lighthearted, whereas others (like Wilder) are violent, scary, and capable of doing some really terrible stuff. The same goes for NCIS and their recent villain in Gabriel Hicks.

We do think that the time is right now for Blue Bloods to explore the idea of bringing in some other sort of dangerous killer, whether it be someone targeting cops or someone specifically going after the Reagan family. The more personal that you can make the struggle, the better off the series is probably going to be in the end. We do want a story moving forward that will give us a chance where the Reagans are genuinely threatened on a few different occasions — maybe you bring this villain around early on in the season, and then a few episodes later and finally, at some point around the finale. That’s a good chance to bring everything full-circle and also bring some sort of dangerous criminal into the last part of the season.

As for whether or not we foresee this sort of thing happening, it’s possible — but, we don’t think that there is going to be some sort of big plan announced for it in advance. Blue Bloods is a show that instead likes to build things up a little bit more organically.

Do you think that there should be some sort of big villain on Blue Bloods season 9? Be sure to share in the comments!

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