The Affair season 4: Ruth Wilson remains cryptic as to why she left

The Affair season 4 episode 9
Why did Ruth Wilson leave The Affair? That’s probably going to be a question that is out there for quite some time.

Earlier this month, the initial report via executive producer Sarah Treem was that it was Wilson’s decision to depart, and, to go along with that, most of her scenes for season 4 were filmed before almost anything else. Losing Alison is sad, but at the same time her final episode was absolutely stellar and heart-wrenching. The cast and crew did a fairly remarkable job of making the most out of a tough situation.

While we do think everything that was said a week and a half ago was 100% accurate, there are still questions that remain as to why Wilson made this particular decision, and she is not being altogether open on that subject.

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In a new interview on CBS This Morning (which you can also see below), Wilson made it clear, rather frankly, that she’s not allowed to discuss why she is leaving the show. The statement seemed to catch Gayle King completely off-guard, which makes a good bit of sense given that it surprised us just as much to hear. There have been questions as to whether or not it had to do with her salary versus that of Dominic West, mostly because of comments she made in the past suggesting that she may not make as much as him for the series. Yet, nobody has ever officially commented that her exit had anything to do with pay and to say for certain that it did feels, for the time being, like pure speculation.

Ultimately, this feels more like one of those things that we don’t ever get all of the information on and, in the end, we may just have to be happy with the time that we had her on the series.

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