Suits season 8 episode 5 review: Harvey helps Marcus; Louis Litt vs. mudding

Suits season 8What happened on Suits season 8 episode 5? Well, you had Samantha playing one of the world’s strangest babysitters, and then you also had Louis Litt faced with a key decision when it comes to … mudding?

Yep, that did happen. The look on Louis’ face after he learned that his mudding habit may be inhibiting his ability to conceive was almost like someone had stolen a puppy from him. He didn’t want to do it and, beyond that, he didn’t really want to talk about it with just about anyone, either. He didn’t ‘fess up to it with Sheila, which made her nervous just because he was being so dodgy.

To make matters worse, Louis actually went mudding after saying that he would give it up. He showed that he is addicted to this and because of that, Sheila now doubts whether or not he really wants this commitment. This fight made it clear to Louis that he had to give up his membership; otherwise, there wouldn’t be a way in which to stop this.

Then, there’s the issue of Harvey’s brother Marcus and his impending divorce. When he brought Harvey on board the case, he did so under the guise that his divorce was due to infidelity. The real story, however, was a little more complicated, as he had actually developed a terrible gambling habit and had his own kids lie for him. That was terrible, but Harvey was faced with a decision: Should he find a way to forgive him, and try to move forward after he did something similar to what his mom did so many years before? He decided that he was going to but there was yet another problem: Marcus didn’t want to declare that his ex was an unfit mother.

Ironically, Marcus refusing to go to battle over an unfit mother claim was basically what Harvey wanted. He used that to go to her and show that Marcus was still a good person and didn’t want to fight. There’s no real guarantee that this is going to work, but at least Marcus now has a chance.

Let’s try to circle back now to Samantha, who brought Alex’s daughter on a deposition after she was suspended from school. What we saw unfold here was pretty ugly, as Samantha used her on some level in order to win on her case. Yet, what Alex’s daughter did was certainly sketchy at best and close to illegal at worse. Alex confronted Samantha about it, and while he told her to not get near his daughter anymore, Samantha actually used this to bring Alex and his daughter closer together — in her own weird way.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Suits season 8 episode 5 proved itself to be a very entertaining hour of TV, one that showed that some of these characters are capable of compromise … even if the ydon’t want to admit it at first.

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