Elementary season 6 episode 16 review: The doll knows all

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There are very few shows that can present a murder case where a sex doll is at the center of the mystery and it can still be taken seriously; luckily, Elementary is one of those shows. “Uncanny Valley of the Dolls” was a bizarre episode with a bizarre murder of a man named Bruce. The only real witness, meanwhile, was a doll that he had a part in created, one that had a tendency to bring most of the conversation eventually back to sex.

Yet, there was also much more going on the case beyond the unusual witness, including someone working to develop a method of teleportation (seriously) and also someone who was infuriated that Bruce stole her appearance in order to design the sex doll. This case eventually just came down to a ringtone that the doll was able to record, which ended up getting the NYPD enough information in order to get a search warrant. As it turns out, the doll just so happened to be far more useful — at least in the case — than anyone could have wondered. With that being case, the end of the case was super-creepy, with the doll proclaiming to Bell that she was actually responsible for the murder herself. (This was just a harmless Sherlock prank.)

While Sherlock took part in the case, he had a more personal matter to also take care of: Marcus Bell struggling to be admitted to a class that he needed in order to move into the US Marshal program. The issue here is that the professor of said class had a history with Sherlock that dated back to when he was using and he felt like Sherlock got opportunities he did not deserve. He had a grudge and over the course of this episode, he had to resolve the grudge.

Thankfully, Sherlock was able to resolve the matter in a way that was sufficient — he was able to get the man an opportunity to advance his career in a way that he hadn’t previously, and Marcus also gets a chance to take the class that he actually needs in order to move forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

Elementary season 6 episode 16 was a really fun episode but, at the same time, it also did have a great mystery at the center of it. It was so weird and there was a really good chance that it couldn’t work but, in the end, it actually did.

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