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season 4 finale is airing on Showtime this Sunday and for the sake of this article, we really want to put most of our focus on just a few short seconds that you see at the end of the latest promo for the episode (which CarterMatt has for you below).

After all, if you watch this promo slowly enough (and freeze at certain moments), there are a number of different things that you can see. For starters, what’s going on with Cole and the urn, which may very well be Alison’s remains? You see him trying to run off with it and we wonder if this is some sort of visceral reaction he has to nobody believing him when it comes to how she died. We already know that the police have investigated it, and he unfortunately has not been able to get anything out of the real murderer in Ben.

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Also in this preview, you have a brief sighting of someone (is it Vik?) in the hospital, Noah trying to find a source of comfort for himself, and a body being dumped into the ocean — which we are inclined to think may have just been Ben dumping Alison. Here is the thing that you do have to remember in the midst of all of this, though — what happens in the promo may not necessarily be in the end. The promo for this past episode, for example, showed Alison by herself, in the daytime, in the ocean. It was far and away different from what the truth really was. We do think that there is real footage here, but the end of it may not be of any consequence.

Before the final seconds, you do see many different scenes from Alison’s funeral, including of course the painful reminder that Cole isn’t even giving Luisa the time of day at the moment — he’s so transfixed on Alison that he fails to see what he has before him.

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