Sharp Objects episode 7 preview: Camille crosses a line

Want to know more of what’s coming up on Sharp Objects episode 7? Well, let’s just say that this is an episode where Camille’s own actions could lead to massive consequences. She does have a job to do, but there are certain consequences that come when you push a thing too far. This is something that will happen next week, as she is so intent on pursuing justice that she bends some of the rules in order to make things happen.

This episode is going to be dramatic and, to go along with it, it’s also going to be painful. Amma is not doing well, everyone is going to be feeling psychologically damaged, and things are not going to be getting better anytime in the future.

Below, the Sharp Objects episode 7 synopsis offers up a little bit of news as to what is coming up:

“Camille crosses a line in her investigation of the prime suspect; Richard coaxes Jackie to offer up info about Marian Preaker’s death; Adora takes pains to keep an ailing Amma under her roof and in her care.”

This episode will be a big one just for re-establishing just what some of the rules are for Camilla and also raising many important questions. Take, for example, this: Is it possible that she ends up ruining her own ability to successfully complete this investigation? That is certainly something that we think is possible at the moment.

Given that we are getting pretty close to the end of the season at this point, we are certainly expecting to see most of the drama start to boil over just about any minute now. By the end of the series, this world is never going to be quite the same.

What do you think is going to be coming on Sharp Objects episode 7 moving forward? Let us know some of your thoughts in the attached comments!

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