Power season 5 episode 7 review: Is Terry Silver gone?

PowerIs Terry Silver leaving Power once and for all? That’s a good question to think about exiting season 5 episode 7, which was an episode that showed perhaps more so than any other before it precisely how screwed Ghost, Tasha, and Angela really are.

Entering the episode, Tasha had a rather significant dilemma in front of her trying to figure out if there was a right way in order to convince her attorney to lie on her behalf. She knew that this was a way to keep her and, in turn, Tariq from trouble. He may have been considering it, but then Ghost went in and gasoline on the fire. He made it clear to Terry that if he didn’t agree to help Tasha, there would be consequences — and that was enough for him to skip town. We’re not sure that there is any reason for him to ever return. He may love Tasha, but there is a pretty good chance that he loves himself more. We have a rather-hard time believing, as a result of this, that he is going to put himself in a position where he gets himself implicated or in trouble.

Yet, with Terry gone Ghost, Tasha, and Angela are all screwed with the walls closing in around them. They have to now figure out a way in which to try and move forward and feel as though they can protect themselves. Ghost has already offered to throw himself on the sword, right after getting back with Angela. He’s taking ownership for his role in Tariq killing Ray Ray … but we don’t think we’re at the point where he needs to pay the police a visit just yet.

Beyond Ghost’s legal drama, we also saw him doing what he could to fight for other things that matter to him — including the Queens Child Project, which he is refusing to relinquish. He claims that he is trying to turn himself around and because of that, he can’t lose this. He is effectively refusing to allow anyone to take this away from him.

Unfortunately, the biggest danger that Ghost may have coming up is someone who he doesn’t, strangely, see coming: Kanan. He is still spending enormous amounts of time with Tariq, and he also seems to be intent now on turning Tommy and Ghost potentially against each other. What we’re seeing here with Ghost is a situation where he is concentrating so much on the Ray Ray investigation and also stopping Dre that he is missing something that is right in front of him … and he’s probably going to have to pay for that more a little bit down the line.

CarterMatt Verdict

At this point, almost everyone is in trouble, and we say this without even mentioning all that much Angela attempting to hire Tommy as a hitman to make a certain problem for herself go away. Ghost is starting to get surrounded and while he’s gotten out of some of these tricky binds before, eventually he’s going to get to a point where he can’t escape any longer.

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