America’s Got Talent missing acts: Annaliese Nock, French Accent, Hamster Wheel

America's Got TalentWe now know all of the America’s Got Talent acts that are set to appear in the live shows, including some of the wild cards. (For a little more on those, check out the video below — you can subscribe for more updates and we suggest checking out our playlist.)

Yet, in the midst of all of the acts who appeared on Judge Cuts and advanced, there are also a few others that just disappeared off the face of the earth. What happened to some of them? It varies every season. Sometimes, they are cut by producers before Judge Cuts, as there are only so many acts that make it to this point. There is a larger group of contestants that this happens to than you’d believe, mostly because the vast majority of them don’t end up actually making it to air in the auditions in the first place.

On some other occasions, contestants ends up withdrawing from the show on their own. Sometimes it is due for personal reasons, or maybe they only attended to appear on the series once in the first place. In some situations, we hope that this opens the door for the contestant to come back at some point down the road.

While there are over a dozen “missing” acts from season 13, the following three are, from our vantage point, the most notable.

French Accent – The comedian / accordion player had one of the funniest auditions of the season, mostly in that he was able to use his character and his shtick to be able to turn around some buzzes from the judges. While he probably wouldn’t have won the competition, it would’ve been nice to have him around at least one more time.

Annaliese Nock – Probably the most notable missing act this season, mostly because Annaliese is so notable because of her exploding-box stunt and her father being daredevil / former contestant Bello Nock. We had almost expected her to be a wild card (we personally just wonder if an act like hers works within the Judge Cuts format), but that didn’t end up happening.

Hamster Wheel – These guys created the elaborate contraption that we saw recently on the audition episode. This is one of those acts that is fairly fun, but it’s also easy to say that it ran its course after the audition. These really feel better suited for YouTube demonstrations or live events than a talent show, just because America rare tends to vote for them.

For those wondering…

One of these other missing acts was Front Pictures who actually is coming back as a wild card. (If we were a judge, we probably would have brought back Annaliese over Human Fountains — both are incredibly unique, but she probably had a better chance of moving on in the competition.)

Which one of these missing acts would you have liked to see again? Share below!

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