Unforgotten season 3 episode 5 debate: Did Eliot kill Hayley?

Unforgotten season 3

Moving into Unforgotten season 3 episode 5 airing this weekend, there are going to be even more questions. At the end of this past episode it appeared as though Pete was knocking on death’s door — we should find out if he survives on Sunday, but either way it does not appear that he can be taken seriously as a suspect anymore in what happened to Hayley. The focus is going to be placed elsewhere, and there could be a major discussion in this episode about Eliot. Could he have killed Hayley on accident? He may not have intended to do it, but this still could make him a possibility. It’s something to explore, as could be some revelations that come via a diary discovery.

Below, the official Unforgotten season 3 episode 5 synopsis offers up some more info when it comes to what lies ahead:

Cassie and Sunny call James, Tim and Chris back for further questioning following the revelation that they have all lied about their whereabouts on the night of Hayley’s disappearance.

With Pete having said he saw Eliot climbing back into the holiday home through the window in the early hours of New Year’s Day, the focus is on James as Cassie and Sunny suspect his son may have accidently killed Hayley whilst driving erratically.  James protests that Eliot would never hurt a fly.

Meanwhile, Fran thinks she has cracked a code in Hayley’s diary which refers to sex and drugs, indicating that Hayley travelled to the party via a local drug dealer on the night she went missing.

Ultimately, what makes this particular story so interesting at the moment is that there are still so many possibilities as to what could have happened and we’re so close to the end of the season! Basically, what this means is that the story is going to have to go into overdrive if there are meant to be some serious answers this season. The fact that there are still some good theories out there is a real testament to the strength of the writing.

What do you think is coming on Unforgotten season 3 episode 5? Be sure to share in the attached comments!

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