Claws season 2 finale sneak peek: The fight between Desna, Gregory

ClawsThe Claws season 2 finale is going to be coming your way on TNT Sunday night, and based on the sneak peek below, there is some major drama coming.

For most of the past several weeks, we have seen something crazy brewing when it comes to Desna and Gregory. She learned the truth about his true intentions a few episodes back, as he’s not into the relationship for love. Instead, he just wants money and power and is using her as a tool to get there. Meanwhile, Desna has also went to Zlata with some plans of her own, and it really feels now like we’re almost entering a situation where we could end up seeing precisely who kills who first.

This aforementioned sneak peek (via Rotten Tomatoes) really focuses on everything coming to a head. You can see in here Desna finding herself cornered and desperate to stop Gregory by any method available to her. This is her truly realizing for the first time that she really can’t keep the ruse going anymore and needs to act for the sake of her own self-preservation. There is going to be some major drama that unfolds as a result of all of this — it’s basically several episodes’ worth of tension coming to a full boil. To make matters even crazier, there is a massive storm brewing outside just as there is an emotional downpour within this room.

Is it possible that the wedding still happens somehow after this? Crazy as it is to think, we can’t rule out anything when it comes to this show! Claws has already figured out many a way to surprise us over the course of this season already and we have a hard time thinking now that the surprises are over … though we’ll have to see just how they manifest themselves going into the immediate future here.

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