The Affair season 4 episode 9: How did Alison die? New theories

The Affair season 4 episode 9
As we start to drift closer to The Affair season 4 episode 9, this is of course the time when we have to look at the Alison crisis at the center of the episode.

If you’ve read some of the material that is out there about it or seen the promo here, the big question entering the hour is simple: What happened to Alison?

Judging from the events of this past episode, the easy solution to draw here is that the character died as a result of a suicide, that she drowned herself to escape the torment of her life. There is evidence to support this theory in terms of both past statements and also the work done at the morgue. Yet, Cole has carried forward a very particular sentiment ever since learning the truth: Alison wouldn’t leave Joanie. He confronted Ben about it, but for now he seems to have an alibi that checks out.

Or … does he? In this article, we do want to look at some of the theories that are out there at the moment when it comes to all of this. Check out the video below for more and subscribe for more updates!

1. Ben killed her – This is the obvious one, given the confrontation that happened between Ben and

2. Ben’s wife killed her – If we had to pinpoint the theory that we’re the most intrigued by, it’s that Ben’s wife figured out he was cheating on her, followed him, and then killed Alison, whether it be accidentally or on purpose, in the midst of a confrontation. This would be a tragic end to Alison’s life, as she didn’t even know he was married until the end. Yet, affairs are at the central of the show (or, cough, in the show’s title) and it has a full-circle feeling to it.

3. Luisa killed her – If she felt like this was the best move for herself in her immigration case (remember, she wanted Alison to sign papers calling herself an unfit mother), this is a desperate move to ensure that she gets some of what she wants.

4. Her father — or her someone close to her father — killed her – This could be a clear act of vengeance over her not wanting to donate a kidney. Yet, we don’t really see how this serves any of them if she is dead.

5. The guy who confronted Alison in her office kills her – Obviously, that dude had serious anger issues and Ben had to step in to help her way back when. It feels unlikely, but we’re not ruling it out, either.

6. Herself – Maybe Alison did commit suicide, but there are some elements to her story we don’t quite know just yet.

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