Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 4 review: Who is Jolene? Waverly’s family history

Wynonna Earp season 3Tonight, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 4 brought you what was, by far, the most compelling episode of the season in terms of Wynonna’s mother.

As it turns out, Mama Earp a.k.a. Michelle just so happens to be even more dangerous than we previously assumed. Early on the in the episode she committed a rather-bloody act of violence and as the episode went along, Waverly ended up paying her a visit after learning (through a call sent to Wynonna) that she was being transferred. That visit did not go well — that seems like a big understatement when you consider that the character threatened to kill her. She also called Waverly a demon, something that she played out in her conversations with Nicole later on. An even bigger bomb was dropped when it was uncovered why Michelle was arrested in the first place: For trying to burn down the barn while her youngest was inside.

We went into tonight expecting some explosive Nicole backstory judging from the episode’s synopsis, but ended up learning instead a thing or two more about Michelle’s backstory instead. The Sheriff instead that there was a time in which Michelle would’ve never committed a crime like this.

Wynonna, after learning about this confrontation, ended up having one of her own with her mom … which went south the moment that she snatched the Peacemaker and started beating people with it. Mama Earp got away and, in turn, Wynonna got arrested as a possible accessory (even if she actually wasn’t), but did manage to escape thanks in part to a really awesome battle scene that including a beheading of the demonic prison guard.

Doc’s trauma

This was a really compelling side-story tonight as we started to see, whether it be via the empty manger or the crying baby, how he was struggling with what happened at the end of the season. He also was tormented by Bulshar, who came to him with a “deal” — he could free him from his curse in exchange for … well, something. We didn’t find it out at first.

Eventually, Doc’s story did collide with Waverly’s as just about everything culminated with Michelle being back in the barn, ready to take on the arrival of a demon … who we may have just met in the form of Jolene … played by Zoie Palmer! She apparently has the ability to be very persuasive and to make everyone forget about the imminent danger that they’re in. By the end of the episode, the entire Earp clan was back together, but also seemingly very much under her spell.

CarterMatt Verdict

If Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 4 set out to be one of the freakier episodes of the entire season, we’d say mission accomplished when it comes to that. There were so many demonic entities to be worried about this week, coupled with almost many of them being so personally connected to the Earp family. That is always going to potentially raise the stakes.

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