The Flash season 5 costume for Barry Allen (officially) revealed

The FlashAfter a number of unofficial leaks over the course of the past week or so, we’ve finally got a good look at Barry Allen’s The Flash season 5 costume.

We’ll admit that, at first glance, we looked at this and really wondered just how much was different — then, we realized what was missing: The lack of a chin-strap. This may be, at least for Grant Gustin, the most comfortable costume that he’s worn since he doesn’t have that thing on his chin anymore. It may actually be one of our personal favorites, given that we always hated the chin-strap and thought it was one of the weirder parts of the costume. We like the pointy lightning bolts, as well — maybe they’ve been there, but they feel very much pronounced here. This feels like The Flash in his purest, strongest form, and with some components to the costume that may be a little bit more breathable, as well. We imagine that this helps a lot during the warmer months filming in Vancouver.

While we understand that the costumes are not the most critical part of shows like The Flash, we do appreciate very much when they combine comic-book appeal and also fashion. This show has always done a pretty good job with them, with one of the big reasons for that probably being that they can really embrace the comics in a way that a darker show like Arrow cannot. We think that the Vibe costume is especially fantastic and the latest iteration of Killer Frost had some nice things going for her. Out of all of the villains, we’ve always been specifically fond of the Captain Cold costume … which really just makes us miss Leonard Snart all the more.

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The Flash season 5 premieres in October on The CW — but hopefully, you’ll get a few more teases on this costume in video form before then.

What do you think about Barry’s look, and about this The Flash season 5 costume as a whole? Share in the comments!

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The Flash

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