Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh’s nominations (day 52)

Late this morning, the nomination ceremony happened within the Big Brother 20 house and going into it, we had a good idea what would happen.

Last night (read more here), Haleigh determined that the best thing that she could do was nominate Kaycee and Angela for eviction right now — which is a move that we do agree with on some level. Haleigh doesn’t know about Tyler’s power, and we think saving him as a backdoor option is a reasonably-smart move for her. Personally, though, we probably still would’ve put him up as a nomination if we really wanted to get him out, but that’s mostly because of how many people are left and the strong probability that he ends up getting a chance to play in the Veto in the first place.

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Let’s be honest here: The Hacker Comp is the only thing that really matters this week for the alliance once known as Level 6. If they want to protect one of their members, they are going to have to win this and put someone like Rockstar or Faysal up. The only other option is that Tyler wins the Veto, pulls either Angela or Kaycee down, and then Haleigh ends up nominating someone like JC. We know that Brett has forged a pretty good bond with Haleigh, but whether or not that matters remains to be seen.

In the aftermath of the nominations coming in (they were Angela and Kaycee, as predicted) Tyler sold it that he was going to be getting backdoored, but he obviously knows that this is not going to be the case. So long as he plays his cards right. If he survives the Hacker Competition nomination, he’s smooth sailing the rest of his week, even if the rest of his alliance is in trouble.

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