Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh’s nomination plan (day 52, morning)

Late last night in the Big Brother 20 house, we started to get at least a reasonably good idea as to what Head of Household Haleigh was going to do in the game — and also what Tyler is trying to do in order to counter it. Tyler knows that he has his Cloud Power App that he can play and because of that, he’s keeping that card close to the vest.

As of right now, it does appear as though Haleigh wants to give at least the pretense of wanting to work with him. She is nominating Angela and Kaycee on the block together, but the Hacker Comp later today could change everything. Tyler has claimed that he will use it however Haleigh wants if he wins … not that we think he actually will. If he has a chance to get out Faysal or Rockstar on Haleigh’s HoH reign, why wouldn’t he try?

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The unfortunate thing for Tyler right now is that his numbers are starting to fade. Sam seems to be more on the Hive’s side than ever, and last night proclaimed that she wants Angela and Tyler out. There was a sentiment that changed around the eviction show last night that we don’t have all the information on just yet; it’s possible that they all got very upset at the idea of Sam wanting to keep Bayleigh; maybe she just felt sorry for them as the underdogs and that has endeared them to her. All of this is rather hard to figure out but that’s what makes Sam so compelling in this game.

Tyler, if he isn’t put up by the hacker, will probably just use his Cloud power at the Veto Ceremony to buy him at least one more week of safety. His big problem right now is that he’s way too big and too obvious a target, and we’re not sure that he can sustain this the rest of the season. He’s either going to have to win more HoH competitions or have some of his remaining allies do it; it’s possible, after all, that Level 6 could just be down to three members soon.

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