America’s Got Talent: Ranking Courtney Hadwin, Flau’jae, all Golden Buzzer acts

America's Got TalentThanks to earlier this week, we know now officially all of the America’s Got Talent acts to receive a Golden Buzzer this season. With that in mind, it’s high time to revisit an article that we did earlier this summer: Rankings!

When we first did this, we did with only the Golden Buzzer recipients from the audition phase of the competition in mind. Now, we’re moving forward and adding in everyone from the judge cuts. Our goal here is to rank on talent, but also in terms of who we think are the most-likely contenders to win at the end based on past seasons. At the bottom of the article is a poll for you to share your own pick.

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9. Quin & Misha – Quin’s story is incredible, and we certainly do think that there are very few dancers her age who can do anything close to what it is that she does. Yet, at the same time we don’t quite think that this was Golden Buzzer worthy. It felt more like Martina McBride came to love the story behind the act as much as the act itself.

8. Michael Ketterer – He’s a very good singer with a nice story and likely will have some fans after the show. Yet, we feel like his story does overwhelm some of what he brings to the table otherwise.

7. Voices of Hope Children’s Choir – They are going to get some praise because they are a very good kids’ choir, and beyond just that there are also people who just love these sorts of choirs in general. Our concern at this point is how versatile can it be, and if we’ve already heard the bulk of what they are going to be bringing to the table this season.

6. Makayla Phillips – She is an excellent singer with serious pop-star upside. It’s not all that hard to imagine her having a solid career in a few years. It may be a bit early for her now; also, young pop singers don’t often get as much attention on this show.

5. Angel City Chorale – If choirs had a history of winning the show, we’d likely have them higher. Not only are they breathtaking vocally, but the also do have a sense of harmony and style that is really unique. Culturally and melodically, they are unlike any other act we’ve had a chance to see.

4. Flau’jae – She’s probably the best rapper ever on America’s Got Talent, not that there is a ton of competition for that. Her lyrics are solid and beyond just that, she really understands rhythm, beats, and stage presence — three of the most important skills in her craft. The big concern with her is mostly just that she is a total unknown since there are 

3. Amanda Mena – She’s a great singer with a ton of potential to do really well in the live shows based on her established audience and also the recent history of young singers doing very well in the live rounds. Pencil her in for at least the semifinals.

2. Zurcaroh – They have the potential to be the rare group act who could actually win this show; yet, it’s hard to gauge whether or not America actually will vote for someone who relies more on athleticism and acrobatics than vocals or some other skill.

1. Courtney Hadwin – She’s the favorite and it’s not even close. In addition to being a tremendous talent, her audition generated a reaction that we haven’t seen, whether on the show or via America, from any other act this season.

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