Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Tyler tells Sam about Cloud power app (day 51, afternoon)

Tyler - Big Brother
We’ve made it very clear throughout our Big Brother 20 live feed updates that telling people about powers is a huge mistake. You are basically taking away your power and allowing someone else to control your game. yes it van be used as a way to build trust, but so far this season that really hasn’t seemed to work that well.

Tyler has been very controlled and measured when it comes to who he chooses to give information to. It’s with that in mind that we are genuinely surprised and somewhat bummed that he decided to reveal to Sam that he has the Cloud power, which could keep him safe before a nomination / Veto ceremony. It’s almost like a hidden immunity idol on Survivor in that he needs to play it before any of the decisions are made.

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Why did he do this? The reason makes sense, given that he wants to ensure that Sam votes Bayleigh out of the game. His idea was to tell her that if Bayleigh stays and wins power, he will use his advantage — which means that Bayleigh will have to nominate someone else instead. Basically, his argument is that getting rid of Bayleigh is the right move for her to avoid the block herself.

Telling anyone about powers this season has been a bad idea, so while we do understand the idea behind Tyler’s move today, we question the eventual result of it. At least Sam is a reasonably trustworthy person who has kept secrets of his before, including that he is a superfan of the game. He told her that eons ago and she has kept it to herself ever since. It should signal to her that Tyler is an even bigger threat, but also that it benefits her to not target him until later in the season when the app expires.

As for the vote tonight, it still seems like Bayleigh is going and we don’t expect that to change.

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