Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: State of the vote (day 51, morning)

Big Brother 20 premiereToday is day 51 in the Big Brother 20 house and tonight, we’re going to see the sixth eviction of the season. Are we going to see Bayleigh actually leave the game?

Here’s what we know about the vote right now: Bayleigh needs four votes to stick around, since there are eight voters. Haleigh can cancel out Tyler’s vote and with that, they would have a 4-3 advantage to evicting Rockstar from the game. The problem they have is finding the votes to get there. Bayleigh could have Haleigh and Faysal on her side; Scottie has said that he wouldn’t have a problem keeping Bayleigh in the game, but he also thinks that they should vote with the house. Everyone else, for now, seems to be voting for Bayleigh to leave. JC always plays all sides but we’re pretty confident that he will send Bayleigh home. Sam is a little more of a wild card in that she doesn’t say too much, but she has said that she will vote however Tyler and Angela want her to. (The risk you run with Sam is mostly that she is going to decide at some point that she needs to make a big move for the sake of making one.)

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The biggest reason why keeping Bayleigh at this point matters is that she not only has that Power App, but she also has a little more fight in her than Rockstar does. She’s spent most of the past couple of days debating whether or not she really wants to stick around in the game. We do wonder if she makes some sort of emotional plea during the live show to send her home if the other players actually will … it’d be cold if they didn’t, but it would also be very entertaining.

The biggest problem the Hive alliance has is that they keep getting this shot of confidence that their plans are going to work only for them to be blindsided every time. At this point, they should just expect the worse and plan ahead. We’ll come back before the eviction (check here) with a little more news about the eviction and what’s next.

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