Big Brother 20 episode 19 review: The Bayleigh nomination & Tyler’s Veto choice

BayleighTonight, Big Brother 20 brought you a lot of fun / crazy stuff … and also the return of Mr. Pec-Tacular himself in Jessie.

What happened? Well, let’s just say that after we saw Angela finish fifth in the Veto Competition, we thought that it was crazy she somehow ended up winning. How did Tyler not take it from her? It was a huge gamble and if it had backfired, we’d consider it to be one of the biggest blunders in quite some time. Yet, we also get that Angela almost backed him into the corner. We still don’t think it was a great move to not take the Veto there, but we understand what he did what he did and allow her to keep it.

We’ve long been a Jessie defender as a character within the Big Brother franchise and with that, we were happy to have him back — we even enjoyed some of the punishments tonight, including Kaycee’s peanut costume and Rockstar having to follow his “fitness and food” program for a week moving forward. Most of these punishments are all variations on the same thing but, at the end of the day, they’re all fairly fun and we don’t mind the repition.

The main event tonight for most people was, of course, the chance to see how Bayleigh actually reacted to going on the block given that we heard some gossip about there being some drama that took place during the ceremony. Yet, on the series itself it felt almost slightly muted. We didn’t really get the sense that the house was all that crazy … but that may just be production saving some of the fallout for down the road. Ultimately, we just wish that Angela and everyone else just admitted that the reason for nominating Bayleigh was about the Power App rather than the Hacker Competition. (It was actually rather hilarious that Angela was so confident that it was Bayleigh when it wasn’t.)

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a good episode of the show, but one that was actually rather light on strategic — somewhat of a bummer, since nominating Bayleigh as a replacement nominee was a pretty big move.

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