Hawaii Five-0 season 9: Should Steve, Danny’s girlfriends be addressed?

McGarrettMrs. Carter: Is it time to figure out what’s happening with Steve and Danny’s love interests on Hawaii Five-0 season 9?

As we start to get closer to the upcoming 200th episode, shouldn’t this be something that enters the conversation? I’m starting to feel like it’s long over due.

It’s important that I make it clear that the idea of ‘shipping and Hawaii Five-0 is a fairly controversial topic. Everyone has strong opinions about it, whether you find yourself rooting for Steve to be with Catherine, Lynn, or someone else. That may be one of the reasons why the show doesn’t put much of an emphasis on this, given that it’s almost impossible to make everyone happy with what ever direction they go in. If you include romance, you make a certain part of the fandom happy while also angering the people who hate relationships on this show and the people who don’t ‘ship the specific couple involved.

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With all of that said, I do think it’s high time that the writers find a way to at least address some of these characters on the show again. While Lynn and Melissa have been referenced since their appearance in a Valentine’s Day episode ages ago, that’s really it and that is far from a great showing from a pair of characters who were, at least at one point, more of a presence on the series.

Are there logistical reasons why these characters haven’t made any appearances in a while? Sure, mostly in that Sarah Carter and Lili Simmons are off doing other things. Yet, if they aren’t available, why not make the two guys single again? While it’s understandable that the show doesn’t want to get romance-heavy, not addressing the issue at all is a completely different sort of problem. That’s just putting you in a position where it seems weird that Steve and Danny’s girlfriends are never around for any important holidays or occasions.

More then that if we look at a season of the show as roughly a year in their lives then Steve and Danny have been with their girlfriends for years! Has there really been no talk of either of them taking the next step in their relationships by the guys or their women? No talk of moving in, marriage, kids, nothing? While I know that there are lots of relationships that never get to that point it feels like once you’re this many years deep that this talk would’ve happened and at some point either the guys or the women would be ready to move on to something that will move forward into a greater capacity.

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