America’s Got Talent review: Brian King Joseph kicks off Judge Cuts #4

America's Got Talent

Tonight marks the final Judge Cuts edition of America’s Got Talent and with that, there’s one more Golden Buzzer! This article is of course about that, but of course beyond just that some of the great talent that was there across the board.

Of course, be sure to refresh this article throughout with some more updates on the acts, their performances, and of course the results at the end of the night.

Brian King Joseph – With the amount that they were focusing on the violinist’s girlfriend, we were almost certain he was going to propose at the very end of it. That didn’t happen. Yet, what we did see was a pretty fantastic performance — his story of playing through pain is incredible, but beyond that the performance itself is worthy of extreme commendation. He’s one of the better violinists we’ve seen on the series.

Yumbo Dump – This act is stupid. It was stupid the first time and it remains every bit as stupid this time. Yet, it’s unique and we kind of like having this dumb comic relief on the show. They probably actually do put some element of work into this.

Da Republik – We’re rather glad that this group from the Dominican Republican, especially since the show tried to convince us beforehand that Academy of Villains hadn’t been on the series before when they had over five years ago. These guys are not only unique, but they’ve got a lot of energy and style to what they do.

Sergey & Sasha – The duo act is one of the most dangerous that they come in terms of different acrobatics, head-balancing, and other crazy stuff. Beyond that, they have good personalities and aren’t blank slates when they’re not performing.

Flau’jae – She’s a rapper with a great story and a powerful history because of her rapper father Camouflage, who died before she was born. You can check out more about her over at the link here — she’s the latest Golden Buzzer recipient!

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Sixto Magic – Quick-change acts are incredible in that they do something that very few people can do — yet, they’re hard to sustain on a show like this. It’s with that in mind that we wouldn’t be upset either way when it comes to their future. They are great, but we’ve seen most of it already.

Glennis Grace – While we’re not going to say that anything in Glennis’ rendition of a Prince classic surprised us, this was a powerful performance and it’s the sort of music that many in 2018 are nostalgic for. She’s an interesting darkhorse to stick around for a while in the event she makes it through.

Troy James – As a crazy contortionist / dancer, we think Troy brings a great deal to the table. We do really enjoy what he does, but we do wonder that there is a limitation to what he does — think in terms of what we saw during the quick-change act earlier.

Lord Nil – The guy is incredibly nuts for his decision to escape a trap with alligators right under him. This is what we love on this show! We didn’t think he was ever going to die, but the show did a reasonably good job of making us nervous along the way.

Samuel J. Comroe – This was a good routine to follow up his other one — what we really loved about this one is that he almost deliberately shut down talk of his story and background. He wanted it to be about his comedy, even if he mentioned that during his routine in a way that he had control over. He’s genuinely funny and the best comic the show has right now.

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