Elementary season 6 episode 14 review: The bioweapon attack that wasn’t

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Tonight, Elementary season 6 episode 14 brought you a story that was a classic case of misdirection. The story led you in one direction, only to figure out a way, minutes later, to completely throw you off the scent.

The misdirection came tonight in the form of a supposed bioweapon attack that was going out within the precinct, one that had Detective Bell thinking, at least for a time, that his life could be in danger. The entire office spent hours making sure that all of the proper CDC protocols were followed and that nobody was hurt.

Yet, it turned out that the entire operation was really a hoax, designed largely a means to ensure that a few different people could work on an elaborate heist operation. It was pretty crazy how they managed to pull all of this off, and much of it was shrewd enough that on some other shows, you would see these characters get away with it. That just wasn’t the case for Elementary tonight, as Sherlock and Joan were able to put the pieces together, figure out the plan, and make sure everyone involved (including a cop working things on the inside) all had to face ramifications for what they did.

If you love tricky cases, this is probably one of your favorite episodes this season. We were rather fond of it, mostly because it offered us up a good chance that see everyone work together within a reasonably confined space.

Joan’s mother returns

Dealing with the signs of Alzheimer’s is not an easy thing for anyone to deal with, and for Joan and her mother, they had to make a decision tonight that had to be rather difficult. At the end of the episode, they determined that the best thing that they could do was to make sure that she had a nurse who was there to care for her when she needed. She had good days and bad days, but really needed to be prepared for just about every possible outcome.

CarterMatt Verdict

Elementary season 6 episode 14 was not an episode that delivered any more news on Bell’s US Marshals plan or some of Sherlock’s long-term storylines. Yet, it did offer a very entertaining episode with a lot of different twists and also a memorable case at the heart of it all. We can’t really ask for anything more from an installment that aired in the middle of a season, a time in which it’s hard to push the narrative forward too much without allowing people to have something more to anticipate in the finale.

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