Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: The Veto Ceremony blindside (day 48)

Big Brother 20 premiereGoing into the Veto Ceremony today in the Big Brother 20 house, we knew that there was going to be a really good chance at chaos. Yet, we also do know that the majority of the time people expect chaos, somehow the players in the game don’t deliver. It’s kind of bizarre how that works sometimes.

Anyhow, late this morning the Veto Ceremony took place within the game and we had a good idea as to precisely what was going to be happening. Angela was going to remove Tyler from the block with the Veto and, after that, replace her with Bayleigh. This was a chance to remove an enormous threat from the game (she still has that power) without her being able to use it. This was a fairly smart plan from Angela, if for no other reason than that flopping on her own alliance does her little good other than making her #5 on the other side of the house. She at least has a chance to finish better than that within her current group.

Bayleigh is now officially on the block, and we’ve got a feeling that she will be the one leaving — even if Haleigh and Faysal want to keep her, it’s hard to envision a way in which they have the votes even with Haleigh’s hacker comp power. However, we are interested to see if this move forces Haleigh to admit she won the power since she may need that to convince someone to come over to her side. We don’t think she should do it, but it’s an opportunity. (The irony here is that Haleigh winning the hacker comp added fuel to the fire on the whole “backdoor Bayleigh” campaign, though we think it would happen anyway.)

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One of the other things that is especially entertaining right now is that Angela is hiding in her Head of Household room. Why not actually face the person you put on the block?

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