Better Call Saul season 4 debate: Should Kim Wexler meet Gene?

Kim WexlerTonight, the Better Call Saul season 4 premiere is going to air over on AMC and with that, it’s time for a customary debate. This is, after all, the time of year where we start to speculate a little bit more on all things when it comes to Kim Wexler.

At the moment, there remains a number of big question marks when it comes to Kim and her future beyond Better Call Saul. Is she dead, is she still in Albuquerque, and what are the plans for her future? The following is all speculative, but we do think that is based on part around what happened to Chuck at the end of season 3 coupled with where Jimmy and Kim are at this particular moment.

When it comes to what the producers decide to do with Rhea Seehorn’s character, it feels too predictable to kill her off — mostly because Chuck was already killed off and it’d be almost a repeat of someone else Jimmy loves being taken away from him. Through at least the present-day timeline of Better Call Saul, one of the things that we’re really seeing is that this is a story about a man who had so much potential and ends up losing so much for the sake of his persona and relative success. We actually think it’s more painful for Jimmy to lose Kim and have her still be alive than for her to die. This way, he has a constant reminder of some of the things that he did wrong.

Of course, with this Kim being alive does still set the stage for her to possibly run into him in the future. The inner romantic in us wants there to be a seen, potentially early on in season 5, where Kim is in Omaha at the local Cinnabon and suddenly runs into Gene working there. We do have a reasonably big clue that it could happen in the form of her being a Kansas City Royals fan. Baseball is such a reasonable sport that more than likely, you’re not going to be a Royals fan unless you have ties to the area. Kansas City is less than three hours away from Omaha, and it’s feasible that there are many Royals fans who are from that area. It’s possible that Kim has family that are in the area or eventually finds herself there down the road.

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