Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Tyler’s flaw; what’s with Sam? (day 48, morning)

Tyler - Big Brother
It’s only taken a good 47 days, but last night we finally started to get a sense as to what Tyler’s big weakness in Big Brother 20 could be: Underestimating anyone. It’s true that Tyler is in a good position, just as it’s also true that he has a lot of people wrapped around his finger. Thirdly, it’s true that the Hive alliance with Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Rockstar is not exactly the most astute in the history of the show.

Yet, we do worry about the extent in which Tyler is underestimating Haleigh in the game and how that could come back to bite him. In the house last night Tyler told Sam he didn’t think that Haleigh had the Hacker Competition power, mostly because he didn’t think that she was “smart” enough to get it. That’s a bad read on Haleigh. She hasn’t exactly been exceptional all season, but she was smart enough to realize that Tyler is the best player nobody is really considering as a threat. She’s at least perceptive even if she doesn’t have a whole lot of sway in the game right now. She’s a little bit like Nicole Franzel 1.0, someone who has a decent chance but doesn’t put the pieces together until too late.

While Tyler is underestimating Haleigh, Sam is actually a little more intent that she is the Hacker — whether this is self-awareness or just Sam’s own distaste for Haleigh after her Head of Household speech remains to be seen, but she seems to be acknowledging her more as a threat. Tyler is also willing to put her on the block, which at least is him recognizing that she’s not on his team even if he is under-valuing her abilities.

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The Veto Ceremony is going to take place a little bit later today and with that, we more than expect that there is going to be some craziness with Bayleigh getting backstabbed hardcore by Angela. We’re totally here for the entertainment of it, and it probably is the best move. While we think socially Haleigh is a more dangerous player, Bayleigh technically is right now just because she has that power app and this is a chance to remove it from the game.

What did Sam say?

Basically, last night she told Tyler and Kaycee she’d be more than happy to lose to either one of them at the end of the game … all of a sudden, the ghost of Big Brother 19 is coming back to haunt us.

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