Claws season 2 episode 9 review: Carrie Preston’s tour de force

Claws season 2 episode 9Tonight, Claws season 2 episode 9 set the stage for an epic finale, but rather than just focusing on the story of Desna, it also brought one of its supporting characters to light in a powerful way.

Carrie Preston has had a number of fantastic performances over the years, whether it be on HBO’s True Blood, CBS’ The Good Wife, and now of course this show as Polly. This has to be considered one of her greatest performances to date for many different reasons, especially since she was playing someone on the verge of complete crumbling. Much like the episode exploring Quiet Ann’s past earlier this season, this episode offered up a gripping opportunity to learn more about what Polly went through in her past with her sister, and also how she has spent so much of her life suppressing her guilt over it. That was causing her to finally break down and start to think that there was no real hope for her to get on the other side of it.

Polly eventually found herself in a hospital room, trying to deal with what happened to her tonight — which included her freaking out on salon employees and also fighting with an imaginary version of her sister in front of Kenneth — who was desperate to try to win her back even in spite of the betrayal that he was at the center of recently. We like to think, though, that the closing minutes of this episode were some sort of send-off with her getting a chance to dance through the hospital walls — even if she wasn’t actually doing it, it certainly was powerful.

As for most of the rest of the episode, it really just felt like we were setting the stage for the battle to come. Desna prepared for her wedding to Gregory, knowing full well that she was just waiting to strike against him. She shopped for a wedding dress and prepared for battle — knowing at the same time that Gregory is a powerful figure and could certainly strike back in a number of ways of his own.

The comedic relief tonight came courtesy of what we saw with Virginia and Dean, who are still trying to continue their relationship despite the near-constant craziness that seems to be happening around him. What Virginia did for Dean, cleaning the place up and allowing him to feel like it was more of a home, was actually somewhat sweet. Still, we have this feeling in our gut that there are more problems coming for the two.

CarterMatt Verdict

Claws season 2 episode 9 is anchored mostly by a powerhouse Carrie Preston performance and a few other moments — including Bryce and Jenn freaking out after they were denied a home loan. It set the stage for the finale, but we also think that it saved some of its biggest shockers for that very episode.

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