Lucifer season 4 will not diverge too far in its content, EP confirms

Tom EllisWith Lucifer season 4 heading to Netflix presumably at some point in the new year, there are many different questions that we’ve got about the future. To be specific, one we know many people have is how different it will suddenly be because of the shift to the streaming service.

We do understand some of the fears that are out there that all of a sudden Lucifer is going to drift in more of an R-rated direction. After all, there have been a lot of interviews over time discussing how the move could allow the show to push the envelope — couple that with some of the various comments about Tom Ellis and his bum at Comic-Con, we understand why some people may be worried that its not appealing to the same audience anymore.

Yet, have no fear — Lucifer is not going to be any different as a whole from what you saw in the first three seasons. That’s something that executive producer Ildy Modrovich confirmed in a recent post on Twitter. The goal still seems to be to make a show that would play on broadcast television rather than just making something that takes away some of its established audience. (Just remember — even if Tom’s bum ends up a part of the equation, there are occasions on broadcast TV in which bare butts have been shown, as well.)

For anyone with concerns, the biggest thing to remember is that Lucifer was saved largely off the backs of fans who loved the show for what it was through the first three seasons. Because of that, we don’t think that there is suddenly going to be a shift to make it something different. Season 4 is largely going to be a celebration of what makes Lucifer great and why so many people wanted to fight for it in the first place. We’re more than confident that this will be the show you wanted to see back, one that is focused mostly on the relationships between the characters and the writing rather than just going for shock value.

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