Is Ruth Wilson leaving The Affair after season 4 episode 8?

The Affair season 4
Is Ruth Wilson leaving The Affair following the events of season 4 episode 8? There’s a lot to get to here, but there are some major spoilers within.

We don’t want to beat around the bush here at all, as Wilson is going to be saying farewell to this series eventually. Yet, tonight may not be the final episode for her on the series; knowing The Affair, we do think that there will be an opportunity to get further closure on her character of Alison.

During tonight’s road-trip episode featuring Cole and Noah, it was established that Alison drowned her set days before they kicked off their search for her. For a while there were questions as to whether or not she was murdered, but that seemed to be ruled out by the end of the episode. (Granted, you never quite know for sure with this show, as there could be some other twist that we do not foresee right now.)

In losing Ruth Wilson, the Showtime drama is losing a powerful, talented performer who had some of the most challenging material on the entire series. Alison was someone who had torment in her life from an early age and we saw that play out over the years. She was, in some ways, hanging by a thread and looking for something to cling to. Ever single betrayal and moment in her life led to this event of devastating sadness. This was not a death caused by the events of just one episode.

Moving forward now, what The Affair has to figure out is how to make this death the turning point of the entire series for every single character. This is a show so interwoven that one move will set off and ripple effect and impact almost everyone else in ways that are not easy to see coming. We certainly expect that to reverberate through almost every little moment from here on out. There are still two more episodes this season, and that should give us some time to prepare.

In addition to this article, be sure to watch the video below about Alison / Ruth Wilson’s impending exit below. You can also subscribe for some additional updates. We will say this: It’s possible Wilson continues on as some sort of spectral figure on the series, but we don’t think that this is particularly valuable. This season should be the end of her journey.

What did you think about the way that tonight’s The Affair wrote out the character of Alison, and will you miss her on the show? Share right now in the attached comments!

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