Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Week 6 Veto players; Angela’s plan (day 46, morning)

AngelaLet’s kick off this Big Brother 20 live feed update for day 46 with a relatively-simple question: What in the world is Angela thinking?

To elaborate a little bit on this, we are speaking here about someone who is really trying too hard to convince people of something that they won’t believe. Even before the Veto player draw this morning, her plan was to act like she wanted to keep nominations the same, largely because she wanted to ensure that people didn’t try hard for the Veto on the other side of the house. Yet, if she won it she would obviously use it on Tyler. This makes no sense, given that we imagine people on the other side would still try and really, you run the risk of giving someone a reason to not use it, which keeps Tyler on the block.

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Here’s the weird thing. The hacker, who nominated Tyler for eviction, picked Kaycee for the Veto. What gives with that? If it really is Haleigh as the internet suspects, the only thing we can think of here is that she didn’t want to run the risk of throwing anyone under the bus. Maybe she also realizes that the odds of Tyler winning the Veto are high and she’s looking at this more as a warning shot than a legitimate attempt to take him out.

The Veto draw is a decent one for Tyler, given that he, Angela, Rockstar, Scottie, Kaycee, and Brett are playing. Of this group, you’ve got at least four people who would probably remove Tyler from the block. Rockstar has yet to win a competition, but anyone writing her off is just plain dumb given that she almost won this past HoH and is smart to do well in mental tasks. Yet, given that the HoH was mental we wouldn’t be surprised if the Veto had more of a physical component.

Let’s end here bit reiterating something we’ve said throughout the past 12 hours or so — we do root for Tyler because he’s played the game really well. However, we do like that he’s being tested and hope it continues. A true Big Brother legend, regardless of what happens with the Veto, could get themselves out of this particular bind.

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