Crime Dynamic Duos: Blue Bloods (Jamie / Eddie) vs. Wynonna Earp (Wynonna / Nicole)

Welcome to CarterMatt’s Crime Dynamic Duos 2018! This is the third year in which we’re doing this tournament, which is a way to honor some of the best crime-solvers in all of TV. This tournament runs throughout the month of August, and over the course of it we describe what makes certain pairs the perfect crime-fighting duo while also allowing you to share some of your thoughts on the matter! Each article is accompanied with a description and a poll; the winning duo will advance to the next round leading up to the winner being announced on September 1!

What are the rules of the tournament? Basically, all eligible shows have to still be in the midst of their run on TV as of August 1, and at least one character involved needs to be involved in solving crimes in some capacity. They can be a cop, a private investigator, a federal agent, a lawyer or a high-ranking officer. What matters is that they put plenty of bad people away.

Voting Rules – Vote however often you like! Voting for Round 1 is open until Friday, August 10 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Round 2 will begin the following day; the image at the top of the article should explain everything.

In this article, we’re focusing on very different duos from very different shows: Jamie and Eddie from Blue Bloods and then also Wynonna and Nicole from Wynonna Earp. Both definitely have their merits, but only one will advance!

Jamie and Eddie, Blue Bloods (#4 seed) – While Jamko has always been a popular duo ever since Vanessa Ray first joined the CBS show, it really feels like this past year was really a watershed one in terms of advancing their relationship. The pair really started to get some more attention beyond just diehard Blue Bloods fans — not only that, but they are also now engaged! We don’t want to make this entire spotlight just about their romantic relationship, though, given that Jamie and Eddie have a great friendship connection and, above all, use their status within the NYPD to stop criminals and also help people in need. The latter is just as important as the former, mostly because there is a tendency for people to just assume that characters like Jamie and Eddie are focused solely on taking down bad guys. They also want to help victims.

Wynonna and Nicole, Wynonna Earp (#5 seed) – While there may not be too much that the Syfy series has in common with Blue Bloods, both shows do feature at least one police-offer character and revolve mostly around people trying to make their community a better place. It’s just that in the sake of this show, Officer Nicole Haught has to deal with demons and other supernatural entities that populate Purgatory — in addition to, of course, typical criminals. Wynonna is there with the ability to actually make most of these entities go away. While Wynonna and Nicole are not necessarily the duo you would immediately think of when it comes to this show, we think there’s a sense of synergy to what they do — both are at the forefront of stopping adversaries on the show, but the methods in which they do so are at times certainly different.

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