Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 3 review: Dolls’ funeral and its impact

Wynonna Earp season 3 premiereMoving into Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 3, we knew that the first order of business would be finding a way to mourn Dolls following his super-tragic death. However, there were still many questions — including the fact that every single character mourns differently.

For Waverly, she was thinking about how to honor him — while also pondering over some sandwiches. Meanwhile, Wynonna wanted revenge on Bulshar as soon as humanly possible, while Doc wanted to make sure that he was honored the right way. Nicole, meanwhile, was reminded of her own past through what happened to him — she had questions that she needed to be answered, and Waverly wants to do everything that she can in order to help her.

It was after Nicole’s heart to heart with Waverly that led into Wynonna learning some valuation information: Dolls knew that he was going to die. Not only that, but Jeremy did, as well. Him keeping that secret from her was, in her mind, unforgivable and understandably so given how she was feeling in the moment. Eventually, we did end up seeing Wynonna realize that this was not the best thing to do, and with that she ended up saving Jeremy’s life after he was tormented by Quinn. He, understandably, wanted to charge into Black Badge and destroy them once and for all. This was a guy out to redeem himself, and he was so willing to do this that he didn’t mind taking down Jeremy in the process.

Quinn was desperate, and that was what all of this was about. As we’ve tried to spell out here, this is an episode that is about characters struggling with grief. We appreciated just how ugly this got at times for some of the characters and how, through their grief, we learned something new about many people — including the relationship that was there between Doc and the vampire Contessa, something that had been fairly buried on the series to date. (At the end of the episode, they had some alone time … let’s just put it that way for now.)

Most of the episode revolved around a mysterious packet that Dolls left for Wynonna, but rather than some big surprise, the contents instead were more in the way of an emotional reminder for her to keep fighting.

CarterMatt Verdict

Let’s give Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 3 some credit for taking its time and not just charging into telling Dolls’ funeral story like they were just desperate to get to the other side of it. This was an episode about the little moments — who else had a shattered heart over seeing Jeremy and Wynonna resting their head on each other at Dolls’ new grave?

Also, we appreciated how the death of Dolls started to make some of the characters think more about their own mortality and what will happen down the road — Waverly was concerned about her own potential burial plot, and Wynonna made it clear to her that they could just be buried at their home at some point down the road.

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