Quantico series finale: Did the Priyanka Chopra series deliver?

QuanticoThe Quantico series finale on ABC kicked off with the stakes higher than ever: Conor Devlin put the entirety of his plan into action, and it was one that put many people close to Alex Parrish in danger — including Ryan Booth.

Basically, Ryan allowed himself to be a sacrifice for the sake of being a hero for others and through most of the end of the episode, his survival was very much touch and go. Conor could get his vengeance on him, and the only reason there was hope to save him is because of Conor’s own greed. He wanted to make Booth suffer and because of that, he opened the door in order for Alex and Shelby to find him.

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As you can imagine, these were desperate times and with that, the team had to execute some desperate measures to find a way to get Ryan back. That means trying to resort to some unlikely allies to make a case as to why it was worthwhile taking him out.

Eventually, Alex was able to get a little bit of help, and with that we saw the FBI turn the tables on Devlin in what was a pretty epic showdown. Some of his own tricks were used against him and because of that, Alex and the team were able to get revenge. We did think that he was going to end up in handcuffs, but that’s not exactly what went down. Instead, Conor was shot, and following that all of the other agents found themselves walking out without a care in the world.

In the aftermath of Devlin’s death, the question then became whether or not we were actually going to see Ryan survive. While Alex and Shelby were waiting to see how Ryan was holding up, Owen and Jocelyn had themselves a moment outside. Hooray for everyone who was ‘shipping them.

CarterMatt Verdict

Ryan (seemingly) did survive and with that, everyone gets to leave this season relatively in one piece … though everyone is still probably going to face some sort of massive FBI inquiry as to what they did over the course of this mission. All of this made for a good conclusion to the series, something that does make us think that eventually, these characters will get back out there in order to fight the good fight. This episode offered up some closure, but it’s far from the end of their journeys — we just don’t have a chance to see the rest.

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