The Sinner season 2 episode 1 review: Julian Walker’s story begins

The Sinner season 2 episode 1
The Sinner 
season 2 episode 1 kicked off on Wednesday night with the introduction of a new case, one that has the potential to be all sorts of terrifying.

Enter Julian Walker. He is a young boy, and yet, he was accused of using some local poisonous leaves in order to murder his two parents. This was a kid who was clearly put through hell. He was mistreated and ignored leading up to the infamous night at the hotel, and it was after seeing the case detective Heather Novack decided to give her father’s old friend Harry Ambrose a call. She knew what he went through with Cora and realized that he was one of the few people who could make sense of this new case.

Harry had an ability to attach himself to the darkness of others, and figure out a way in which to connect to the harshest of people. He did that with Julian just as he did that with Cora. Yet, what makes this season a little bit different is that Ambrose is not the only person forging a connection to Julian. The same can also be said for Carrie Coon’s character of Vera, a prominent and polarizing figure who already has a history looking after the boy.

It was fairly clear in the midst of the case that there was something off about Julian beyond just his behavior, and that was made even clearer when Harry and Heather realized that there were no personal items for Julian on the trip. Were they planning to just abandon him?

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Here’s the twist…

Vera just so happens to claim that she is Julian’s mother, and given her connections to the community and her position of influence, that just makes things all the more interesting. Yet, if this is true and Vera is his mother, why was he with the other adults, and why would he poison him? Why would she enable him, as it appears she is doing in the premiere? Consider this the biggest question to ponder over as we approach the other seven episodes this season.

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CarterMatt Verdict

One episode in, and we remain every bit as confident with the story of The Sinner as we were during the first season. What the writers delivered in the premiere was a fascinating mystery with unknown motives, a witness who just so happened to be the killer, and many questions that are still worthy of answers. To date, The Sinner season 2 isn’t missing a beat.

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