The Originals series finale: Did Klaus, Elijah find Peace?

The Originals

Leaving The Originals series finale, there is one question that we found ourselves pondering more so than any other: Did Klaus and Elijah find Peace? Was there a way for the two of them to actually be happy in the afterlife?

With The Vampire Diaries, we had a chance to be comforted on some level with the idea of seeing Damon, Stefan, and many other characters on the other side. However, here there really was no comfort. The finale ended by watching Elijah and Klaus, after stabbing each other with the white oak stake, turning into ash and going up into the sky. Klaus sacrificed himself and Elijah found himself free from immortality. Yet, there was no moment of Peace — and therefore, no guarantee that they made it there.

In speaking about this ending choice via Bustle, show executive producer Julie Plec made it clear that it was an intentional move to keep what ultimately happened to these two characters somewhat of a mystery:

“We made a very deliberate choice not to tell you … “Because Klaus’ fear in that last moment of, ‘What’s ahead for us? What if it’s not what we think it is? What if we’ve done too many terrible things to find peace?’ and Elijah says, ‘We’ll get through it together,’ I thought that was so beautiful. The promise of that is ultimately they’ll find their way there. Whether it’s right away or not depends on how much you think they’ve redeemed themselves for their sins.”

We do think that they have redeemed themselves somewhat, but it’s true that their path to Peace may not be a straight line. We actually do think that there could be something magical about a spin-off story that featured these characters going through the various inner circles of Hell, but we have to just assume that eventually, the characters will get to the people and the world they want.

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