The Originals series finale review: Did the ending, Klaroline satisfy?

The Originals series finale

Tonight, The Originals series finale brought to you a story about unconditional love, a sacrifice, and also a little bit of romance along the way.

Let’s start by saying this: It was nice to see some sort of moment for Klaroline in this episode, given that this is a relationship some fans have been wanting to see more of for quite some time. Yet, we also realize that trying to please everyone with that is impossible — Klaroline fans are going to want more and fans of the core cast will want less. This was a compromise, but at least an okay one. (We are in the pro-Klaroline camp, but still.)

The main focus on the episode was painful, but also nostalgic and rather heartfelt at the same time. Klaus knew for most of the episode that he was going to die and with that, he relied on some of his family and friends to help to accept what was going to happen. He celebrated, he laughed, he reminisced, and he also apologized to Hope for running at first in fear of what was going to be happening next.

The Klaroline scene tonight came in the form of a kiss, a short one but a meaningful one that brought us back to the early days of the couple.

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Probably the second-biggest surprise for us was learning that Klaus, in fulfilling one of his sister’s greatest wishes, made sure that Rebekah would be able to have to cure moving forward. (Rebekah eventually proposed to Marcel, who wanted to be with her for what would be the rest of her life.)  The biggest surprise, meanwhile, was Elijah deciding to die by his brother’s side, ready to move on from this world. There was no future for him here in this world and was ready to seek something elsewhere.

Then, they staked each other, fell to the ground, and died. They turned to ash and that was the end.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Originals delivered with their series finale a polarizing finale that didn’t get every single right, but neither did the show. This was a slow finale at times in that there wasn’t any real action, but we were happy to spend some time with an immortal vampire, thinking about his legacy before being eventually joined by his brother in the afterlife. We hope that they are at Peace, but after the way that The Vampire Diaries ended, we were hoping to actually see Klaus and Elijah on the other side. Wouldn’t that have at least been comforting?

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