Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Kicking someone while they’re down (day 43, morning)

BrettIn this morning’s Big Brother 20 update, we have a chance to continue what is apparently the theme of the week: Players making bad decisions for their game.

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve continued to see Bayleigh have a high opinion of herself and tell everyone about it — even though there’s not really anything of merit that can come from this sort of thing. Last night, Brett and Angela chose to do the same thing by discussing ways in which they can humiliate Rachel on her way out the door, whether it be trying to out the women’s alliance in the game or say that Rachel told them about Bayleigh’s power.

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Brett is clearly a fan of making a big spectacle of the live show, given that he threw Rockstar under the bus during the last time he was on the block. Yet, the problem with him continuing to do these sort of stunts is that he doesn’t endear himself to anyone who may end up on the jury. He’s not Dr. Will, and he’s not charming enough to keep pulling this sort of stuff off and still get the votes to win. Working the jury is really one of the most important and forgotten aspects of this game.

The big problem with Brett trying to make some sort of spectacle against Rachel is that she has some ammo that she can fire back in exposing Level 6. Not only would that put Tyler in an immense amount of trouble, but it would also potential spook people like Sam and JC who have been on the fringe of that alliance for most of the season. It’s one thing to make stuff up about Rockstar, someone you’re not working with. It’s another thing when it is Rachel and she’s worked with you for a lot of the game.

Has Rachel been paranoid this week? Absolutely, and that has been frustrating for both Brett and Angela. Yet, they really should start considering trying to let bygones be bygones so that they can move forward with the game.

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