Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Tyler’s mist (day 42, late-night)

Tyler - Big BrotherLet’s make one thing clear: We don’t use the term “mist” lightly when it comes to Big Brother 20Scottie was a little too quick to apply it to Brett.

Yet, Tyler is very much deserving of the term right now, based on what feels like a really incredible game that he has played through almost the first half of the season. This is a guy with multiple challenge wins under his belt and risky moves; yet, nobody in the game other than maybe Rockstar wants him gone.

The reason that we write this article tonight is after listening to Bayleigh and Scottie speak about some of their future targets, only for Tyler to somehow not come up. They legitimately think that they can work with him, and Bayleigh suddenly thinks that Tyler is a friend just because he didn’t use a Veto. What he is doing is so incredibly smart since he’s basically positioned himself in the middle of the house with very few people recognizing what a threat he really is. He’s convinced everyone that he is a part of their team and a major asset to them. People think he’s a decent player, but nobody recognizes how good he truly is.

Now, where Tyler may have a problem is come Thursday since it could be rather hard to mask his vote. He can blame Scottie for the one JC casts, but for him, it’s a little bit different. The funny thing here is that Scottie hasn’t helped his own cause tonight by talking with Bayleigh about the merits of keeping Brett potentially, given that Rachel is erratic as a player.

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Through the first part of this season, Tyler is easily playing the best game and it’s not even close. However, there is so much more to go and his mist could fade very quickly depending on the next couple of weeks.

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