Blue Bloods season 9: Should there be an episode all about one character?

Blue Bloods season 9

As we move into Blue Bloods season 9, what’s an interesting way that the show can shake things up?

We know that from a network or production point of view, there may not be all that much of an actual incentive to want to do anything special. This is a show, after all, that has a whole lot going for it! There may not be all that much of a need to change things up when you are getting more than 10 million live viewers a week.

Yet, we do still wonder one thing: How do you get the show a little more praise for its acting? How do you allow it to stand out more? We do wonder if something that they would consider at some point is framing an entire episode around a single character, that way you could really dive into that character and understand who they are. Take, for example, an episode where Danny is held hostage and has to find a way to get out, while still struggling to stay alive and conscious along the way. Or, maybe you send Jamie undercover for a solo case that has connections to his past. We’d love to see a cast member get around 38 minutes of material to really work with and shine; that way, you can really dive into who they are and what they are going throughout having to rush to get to another story. You could still have a family dinner scene at the end of the episode, but that’s about it.

Creatively, we think there is some appeal to this since you are enabling the show to deliver great material for a performer. Scheduling-wise, this may also make it easier for cast members to have a break for an episode or two during the season. For example, if we aren’t going to have Will Estes in an episode, we’d be a little more okay with it if Donnie Wahlberg was given some great material that will push Danny further than we’ve ever seen. The same goes the other way around.

Should this be seriously considered? We’d say so, but there’s a difference between considering something and doing it. It’s a polarizing idea, after all, and many love the show as-is. We’d only take the lead if there is a chance for to really deliver on a new idea that hasn’t been done before.

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