The Sinner season 2 video: Bill Pullman lays out Ambrose’s story

The sinner season 2Want to know what lies ahead on The Sinner season 2? Let’s just say that Harry Ambrose is this time at the center of everything.

In the video below, Bill Pullman does his part to explain what happened to his character in season 1, and also how that impacts him moving into the second season. This is a man who has been battling a lot of demons, and really is just trying to keep himself together. In some ways, maybe working helps him to stay straight; however, we’re not quite sure that this is going to stay true when you are talking about a case that deals with such heavy trauma, and also a setting that is so very familiar. Ambrose is forced to venture back into his hometown, and this is a place that he clearly left for a reason. He wanted to get away from some of what he went through there and this season could be an exploration of that just as much as it is the resolution of a new case.

The Sinner is, at its core, an exploration into the human mind and why some of us do the things that we do. The reason why Ambrose is so good at tackling these different crimes is that he has an ability to face the light and dark sides of himself in a way that few other people can. He doesn’t have to give in to some of his vices, but he is cognizant that they are there. This inner struggle does make him detached from his life, but also enables him to find a sense of sympathy and forge connections with some of the most disconnected of people.

Based on some early buzz, The Sinner season 2 could be every bit as good, if not better, than the first season. Let’s just hope that it finds a way to live up to some of our own expectations since season 1 really did set the bar incredibly high with a great story and fantastic performances.

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