Save Shadowhunters update: A story of many milestones

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersEven though it’s been several weeks since there were new episodes of Shadowhunters on the air, there’s more going on then almost ever before. Filming is happening for the final two episodes of the season, there are #SaveShadowhunters campaigns happening all over the world, and to go along with all of this, there are some milestones that have happened over the past few days that are certainly worth celebrating.

Let’s start here with the Trevor Project fundraiser, which has officially reached more than $20,000. That’s an incredible number when you think about just how many people it is going to help. This is taking the message of inclusion and acceptance from the show and finding a way to pay it forward. It’s something that is both powerful and important in so many ways beyond what we can possibly try and spell out here.

Meanwhile, the official petition to save the show has officially reached 150,000 signatures! Typically, we think that any petition that reaches more than 50,000 is showing itself as one that cannot be ignored; this one has reached three times that, and there is still so much further that it could go. Think about things this way: The first half of season 3 was watched by almost 400,000 live viewers weekly in America, and that’s not even including everyone who watched it via DVR, On Demand, on Hulu, or in other parts of the world. There are millions of other signatures out there that could be a part of this campaign.

So while these campaigns are hitting milestones, work on the show is still continuing in Toronto. Katherine McNamara offered up a brief update on Twitter recently as to what she was working on; meanwhile, you can also see a photo below of actor Josh Horvath in front of the billboard located in the city. That’s one of the merits to a billboard being there; it can actually be visited by people affiliated with the show!

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Even though these are wonderful milestones to celebrate there are certainly more to come and we’re excited to see what the future holds! If you love the show, keep fighting and CarterMatt will keep bringing you updates along the way.

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