Outlander season 4 teaser: Why hold back on Roger and Bree?

Sophie SkeltonAs many of you likely know at this point, a new Outlander season 4 teaser is online! There’s a lot to like about it, in between getting to see glimpses of Aunt Jocasta, the show’s representation of America, and more.

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What we want to focus on here is probably the biggest omission of the teaser: The lack of Roger and Bree. While we didn’t expect for them to be center stage in the teaser (which was otherwise fantastic), we did expect that there would at least be a few seconds of footage featuring them.

So, what happened? First and foremost, this was Starz deciding to continue to bank on the story of Jamie and Claire, given that they are the characters with the most commercial appeal. The popularity for Roger and Bree is clear among fans of the books, but show-only viewers probably don’t know the full extent of the journey or their importance moving forward.

Beyond just that, we do think Starz is holding their cards fairly close to the vest right now on the Bree story because it could be one of the most surprising parts of the story for unaware viewers — getting to see Bree meet Jamie for the first time has the potential to be one of the most-discussed moments of the entire season. With that being said, we do think that there are plenty of other Roger/Bree moments that could have been shown that would not have spoiled anything in that capacity at all.

We’re hoping that, as a result of this omission, there is something larger Starz is planning, such as their own teaser or some featurette that focuses a little bit more on their story. It just feels like if these characters are going to be a big part of the story moving forward, it does behoove the network to make that clear in advance. It’s another dimension of the story and a particularly worthy one, given the quality of performances from Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton we’ve seen so far. Hopefully, there’s something more out there before the show premieres in November.

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