Floribama Shore season 2 episode 5 preview: Will Candace, Codi get together?

Floribama SHore season 2What lies ahead when it comes to Floribama Shore season 2 episode 5? We are anticipating a number of different things in the wake of what happened tonight in between the aftermath of Kirk’s arrest and also the bikini contest. Candace and Codi were in bed at the end of the episode, and yet, that doesn’t even hold a candle to what we ended up seeing when it comes to the shower. We’ve never seen anyone yell about two people in the shower quite like Nilsa chose to.

The preview for this upcoming episode did not necessarily feel anywhere near as dramatic as the one we saw last week, but it does seem as though Codi is going to continue his efforts to get with Candace. This is a quest for him that could end up lasting the vast majority of this season, though it does remain to be seen if it is going to actually work.

As for what’s happening elsewhere, it looks like we’re also going to see the return of what feels like an age-old classic Floribama Shore storyline in which someone outside the house gets super-jealous about the amount of time that a cast member is spending with someone inside the house. Consider this another reminder of just how hard it is to maintain a relationship through the lens of this crazy show. You’re partying with other people, creating new memories, getting fame, and then you’ve got someone from the outside looking in who is not a part of that experience. You’re also not getting to talk with one another all that often and because of that, it really just means even more conflict. That’s why we saw so many relationships on Jersey Shore go south over the years. We’ll see what happens with this one.

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