Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Blindside incoming (day 41, evening)

BayleighFor our evening – Big Brother 20 live feed update, let’s put the primary focus on some serious chaos that is going to be coming. At some point later this week, if the plans stay the same, there is going to be a big blindside.

So what are we counting on? For now, Brett has the votes to stay and Rachel has the votes to be a victim of an epic blindside in the house. Bayleigh doesn’t see it coming, largely because she hasn’t figured out the nuance that comes with being Head of Household. People tell you what you want to hear and she’s let that go to her head. Not only does she think that Brett is going, but her feeling is that the vote is going to be unanimous. In actuality, he seems to have the edge of one vote.

For now, Bayleigh seems to have already moved on past this vote and is starting to think about the future, which apparently includes her finding ways to pit Faysal and Haleigh against each other in an effort to ensure that Fessy ends up being closer to her in the end. Bay knows that she needs some loyal numbers and with Swaggy gone, she doesn’t have as many. Bringing over Faysal to her side as a #1 is important, which is why she’s basically made some moves to stir discord with both him and Haleigh tonight. She’s also tried to give Faysal advice on how to bond more with Tyler and also her overall sense of joy at the way that the vote is probably going to go.

Meanwhile, Rockstar remains firmly transfixed on the same objective that she’s had at multiple points over the course of the next few weeks: Trying to backdoor Tyler. The best thing Tyler can do if she ever wins Head of Household is try to learn from her if he is going to be put on the block and then from there, see if he can save his power to use it at the Veto Ceremony. If that happens, it renders him safe for the week, screws up her plan, and leaves her vulnerable for what is coming up next.

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