MacGyver season 3: Should there be a new series regular?

MacGyverAt the start of MacGyver season 2, it was fairly clear that the series wanted to go in a new direction; with that in mind, they brought on board Isabel Lucas. Samantha Cage was an exciting new character with a propensity for danger and an interesting past, but for one reason or another, the story didn’t end up working out. After she was shot by Murdoc, she never really had a major role in the story again. By the end of season 2, she was barely a blip on the radar and there are no obvious plans for her to return.

Moving forward now into season 3, is it possible that there could be a new series regular introduced on the show? There’s an easy case to be made for it in this when you compare MacGyver to many other CBS shows, it operates with a fairly small cast of just five regulars. Compare that to NCIS, or Criminal Minds, or Blue Bloods and the cast is teeny tiny. In one way, we do think that the total number of cast members is a nod to the original show, which also did operate using a smaller overall cast than many other shows at the time. In other ways, we also do think it is a natural tendency to have smaller casts early for shows since you don’t want to inundate new viewers with too many characters at the start.

One possibility that the show could consider is promoting Reign Edwards (Leanna) to series regular given that she is with the Phoenix Foundation often these days, and likely will stay there given what Mac chose to do at the end of season 2. Bringing her in does give Bozer a good romantic arc, and then another highly-trained agent to work alongside everyone in the field.

Another option is to introduce someone else completely new, but in doing so, we feel like the objective would need to be finding someone who has a different angle and style to some of the other characters. We do think it could be fun to have more of a female comic relief on the series, given that so far, most of the comedic lines on the show come from either Jack or Bozer.

The good thing about where MacGyver is right now is that because of the show’s popularity, they have options to play around and introduce more characters if they want to. If not, then they still know that they have a great group and do not need to mess with it.

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