9-1-1 season 2 premiere review: Are Abby and Buck still together?

911 season 2

When we last saw our crew from 9-1-1 (on Fox) many of our characters were in flux, but season 2 kicks off tonight and we have all the detail on what went down! Abby has left to go on a soul searching trip to Ireland (also Connie Britton has left the show) leaving Buck to figure out the next step of his life on his own. On a more positive note we saw Henrietta’s wife come home (although the custody battle against her ex-girlfriend is likely to get ugly) and Athena and Bobby went on a date!

Ready to dive in tonight and see what season 2 has to bring? Remember that tonight is a special airing and that episode 2 will be on Fox tomorrow night and then that will be it’s normal time slot going forward this season.

Meet Buck’s sister Maddie!

Everyone has known for months that Abby is gone and that Buck’s sister Maddie would be the new 9-1-1 operator, but other then that we don’t know a lot about her or how she ended up in this job. When Buck comes home (he’s staying at Abby’s house) to see that there is a half glass of wine on the counter, a bra on his bed and a woman in his shower so he immediately takes off his clothes to join who he thinks is Abby, but it’s actually his sister. He tells her that he thought that it was his girlfriend and that he and Abby are still together.

Buck hasn’t seen Maddie in 3 years and now that she left her man Doug, he thinks that she’s hiding from him, and she is. She reveals that Doug threatened to kill her if she ever left and she’s on the run, but Buck convinces her that she should stay with him since Doug doesn’t know where buck lives. She can’t go back to her job as a nurse, but wants to still help people, so Buck suggests she try 9-1-1 work and she does.

Bobby and Athena

When we last saw these two they were just about to start their journey with a first date – so how did it go? Very well we would say! They are hot and heavy making out every time they see each other, but Bobby is worried that she isn’t ready to take their relationship public since they spend their evenings at home all the time.

Once Bobby decides to push the topic she reveals that she is the first person in her family to get divorced and it’s a stigma in her family as she’s the first one to be divorced. Bobby doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret anymore because he feels like things are getting more serious for him, but Athena reveals that that it’s way more complicated for her and she feels ashamed of all of it… especially being happy. This results in Bobby asking Athena to leave and 9-1-1 just delivered it’s first heartbreak for us of the season.

After she speaks to Michael about the situation she’s in and how she doesn’t want to be embarrassed, but he tells her that he knows that it’s really about fear of being hurt again. he reminds her that after everything she’s been through that she deserves to be happy. And with that Athena comes to the station and kisses Bobby in front of everyone. While they expected everyone to be shocked, everyone already suspected that they were together.

Buck and the new recruit

Now that Abby is gone, Buck has other priorities and that priority is trying to make the fire fighter calendar, but with a new recruit joining the station named Eddie he’s got some competition since they only take one person from each station. Buck is clearly feeling threatened and Henrietta isn’t helping when she mentions the calendar to Eddie as something he should look into.

Once they get out into the field and Eddie shows everyone just how good he is at this job (with some of his background in the military) we see that this is going to be a problem for Buck, especially when Eddie’s photos for his calendar submission come out looking better than Buck’s. After working together on a case Buck and Eddie find a way to bond.

So who ended up on the calendar? – They ended up picking Chimney!!!

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CarterMatt Verdict

We have been dying for 9-1-1 to come back and the premiere did not disappoint us! It gave us a great introduction to Maddie without forgetting about Abby and her impact on everyone. We had a little romance with Bobby and Athena which was a lot of fun since we are firmly sailing on this ship (well fun until they had their fight that is), but the jury is still out with us on the new recruit Eddie. We didn’t really get to know him too well and he’s way too serious for the mojo in this group. Our hope is that he will open up as the season goes on and that he will stop being so stiff.

Oh and did we mention that they already left us with a major cliffhanger? A huge earthquake rocked Los Angeles!

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