Shades of Blue season 3 episode 7 review: Harlee burns some skin

Shades of BlueThe first thing that we will say about Shades of Blue season 3 episode 7 is that the promos really dropped the ball with this one. We really expected an intense, lengthy conclusion for the stand-off at the end of this past episode. However, it was over within the span of a few minutes before moving on to other things. Everyone ended up being okay … at least physical.

Yet, in the aftermath of what happened there were still some other questions — including just how far Harlee was willing to go in order to break up intelligence and keep them from destroying her reputation. Would she be willing to actually murder Bennett? Wozniak certainly suggested it as a possibility, but she relented at the possibility of that.

Harlee eventually went to Cole, who was working effectively as a double dealer on all sides. He did know that he was in danger, though, which is why he spent some time at the end of the episode debating whether or not he was going to run away. Yet, he came up with a creative idea to try to save himself from too much suspicion … but it required Harlee to more or less set his own skin on fire.

While Harlee was not willing to kill someone on order to get justice, she was willing to torture someone who wanted it just for the sake of making his story believable.

In the aftermath of everything, Wozniak is also still fighting with his son, Harlee is still rightfully concerned about Stahl, and in general the entire NYPD is on the verge of near collapse. To make matters worse, in the final minutes it appeared as though Woz was poisoned.

Then, there’s also the issue of Tess. We were thrilled to see her survive the shootout at the start of the episode, given that we were very worried about her there. Yet, there was another problem awaiting her down the road: A potential bribe. You see, Tess was struggling financially and she was the sort of person Ramsay and his people could target. She was given a generous financial offer to flip that would change her entire fortune, but she was not altogether willing to bite on it.

CarterMatt Verdict

We didn’t think that Shades of Blue started off great tonight given that the cliffhanger ended too quickly, but on the other side of that the story did become increasingly intense. This episode did build towards another great conclusion, even though it took some time in order to get there.

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