Is Pose new tonight on FX? What lies ahead moving forward

Pose episode 4Is Pose new tonight on FX? After getting such a great run the past few weeks, it makes sense to want much more.

Unfortunately, we do now come bearing some not-so-great news: The series is formally done for the season. Eight episodes is a short run but, alas, that’s all we got for season 1. There are not going to be any new episodes until we get around to 2019, which we recognize to be an extremely-long wait for anyone who loves the show and is eager to get more of it.

So what is going to be coming next over the course of season 2? That is something that show executive producer did his part to tease up recently to Hornet following the finale:

Pose is rooted in what is actually happening in New York City in the ’80s. One of the things I’m excited about discussing when we get back into the writers room is the activism that was happening in the ’80s at that time. We are at a point now where ACT UP and the work of Larry Kramer was becoming prominent. I would really love to dig a little more into that piece — how that activism took shape, what it looked like within the ballroom community. That’s a story I would love to tell.

New episodes of Pose are hopefully going to continue to maintain the same feel that we felt during the first season, which was that wonderful mixture of celebration but also sorrow. While it was fantastic and over-the-top at times, it may have been one of the best possible depictions of what life during this particular era was truly like. There were highs and lows but, in the end, a community that helped to hold everyone up at the end of the day.

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