Shadowhunters season 3 finale: Anna Hopkins returning as Lilith

LilithEarlier today, we brought you some of the latest news in the Save Shadowhunters campaign. Why not also share some news when it comes to the show itself?

In a new post on Twitter, Anna Hopkins herself confirmed that she will be returning as Lilith for the final episodes of the season. (Episodes 21 and 22 are currently filming in Toronto.) Given that the character wasn’t exactly killed off in the first half of season 3, we did think it was possible that we’d have a chance to see her again. We just didn’t know that it would be at this point or in season 4, provided that the series gets picked up (which it really should).

Bringing Lilith back at this point makes a whole lot of sense, in between the obvious connection between her and Jonathan (played now by Luke Baines) and also just how formidable a foe she is. While you obviously want to see the Institute come out on top in any battle, at the same time you want things to be as intense as humanly possible. In order to have a victory mean something, you need there to be a high probability of failure. Bringing the character back now is one of the best ways to do that. It also will help to bring Shadowhunters season 3 full-circle, given that Hopkins was such a big part of the first ten episodes of the season.

Beyond the story of the show itself, it’s also rather nice to see Lilith back just because Hopkins has been such a big part of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign and has been eager to promote the show whenever she can. She’s already said that she wants to help represent the show at the Teen Choice Awards, where she is up for Best Villain. It’s especially nice to see her be so eager given that the future of Lilith in a potential season 4 is unclear; she’s been fighting for it mostly out of a love for the show and the fans.

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